Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Colors of Nature Canada's Distributor of Tree-free Paper

Colors of Nature would like to thank Ecopaper for choosing us to be their Canadian distributor of natural eco friendly tree-free paper.

Colors of Nature now provides a list of art paper products and card stock for those interested in a natural safe and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper.

The list of products include:
  • Tree - Free Natural Organic Paper, An Artist's dream pad!  Lemon Paper™  with natural Mango fibers give every sheet some character.

  •  Tree - Free Natural Organic Paper, An Artist's dream pad! The Banana fibers give every sheet some character. Feel nature as you create. 

    100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.

  • The new Hemp Sketchbook is the state-of-the-art in blank books. The smaller 7x7 size features our exclusive Hemp Heritage rag content paper. Bound with an extra-heavy embossed cover and black wire, these are the books every artist will want to have close at hand.

    This sketchbook also come in 8.5" x 11".

  • Organic banana papers, made from combining tree free agricultural bio-products coupled with 100% post consumer content to create a beautiful paper that is laser and inkjet printer compatible.

    Both the agricultural by-product of the plantations and the post consumer paper create serious solid waste problems worldwide--help combat both with these tree-free papers. Post consumer (PCW) - paper that has been used by consumers and collected through various recycling programs. It is also Process Chlorine Free (PCF) - paper has no bleached, chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

    Environmentally preferable — contains 10% Banana Fiber 100% post consumer recycled content. Trouble-free printing in your copier or in your inkjet or laser printer. Acid-free banana paper won't yellow or disintegrate over time.

    100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.