Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Maryland Federation of Art - Paint Annapolis

Colors of Nature and the Maryland Federation of Art are working together to promote art within the community and to bring watercolor artists from around the world together to display their work.

The last weekend of June 2014 the MFA held the Paint Annapolis Plein Air Art Competition.

Paint Annapolis was a four-day juried plein air painting competition held June 23-29, 2014, that brought to Annapolis plein air painters from across the United States. For 12 years it has been a premier event, bringing artists and patrons of the arts together to share in the spirit of the energy and vibrancy of outdoor painting. The event is designed to explore in paint the special colonial architecture, marine atmosphere and overall energy of Maryland’s capital city - home to families, business, colleges, and maritime activities.
Paint Annapolis 2014 was a great successMFA was able to offer $10,000 in prize money to the artists, but MFA was able to raise almost $3,000 to help us bring to the community current artwork created by living artists. 

Colors of Nature had donated a Baker's Dozen to the event. Michael Kotarba was the Honorable Mention Recipient who received the Baker's Dozen of vegan cruelty-free watercolor paint. 
Colors of Nature is committed to art and artists within the community. If you belong to an art community, association or society or you are a teacher of art please contact us as we would like to work with you.
Congratulations Michael and MFA!

Jean Patiky's Over the Hill on Block Island Collection

"Over the Hill on Block Island" by Jean Patiky is a collection long anticipated by Colors of Nature. 

Jean Patiky’s work has appeared in many juried, group and solo shows. Her artwork has been displayed in galleries and museums including The Metropolitan Museum in Coral Gables, Florida, The Miami Watercolor Society, and more. Her paintings have been sold in fine stationery stores, book stores and museums across the U.S. ​

Colors of Nature and Jean Patiky met at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society in May 2014, where Colors of Nature presented its new line of vegan and cruelty-free watercolor paints to the Watercolor Society’s members. From her Baker’s Dozen Jean has made a wonderful collection of paintings to add to her already beautiful and extensive accomplishments.

The book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, by Patricia Schultz has this to say about Block Island, RI, USA.

“Unpretentious Block Island [Rhode Island, USA] is a barefoot and bicycle kind of place, with rolling green hills, hundreds of freshwater ponds, and dramatic 250-foot bluffs that remind many of Ireland. So bewitching is it that The Nature Conservancy was inspired to call the island ‘one of the last great places in the western hemisphere.’”

Monday, 8 September 2014

Speckled Sunflower by G. Papadakis

"Speckled Sunflower" is yet another gorgeous piece of work by long time user of Colors of Nature's watercolor paints, G. Papadakis. Demonstrating that a small palette can generate a variety of colors. Choosing a vegan earth-friendly alternative to conventional watercolor paints doesn't mean compromising on quality.

"Speckled Sunflower", G. Papadakis 2014
G. Papadakis says this about her latest painting:

"Speckled Sunflower" is a fairy who's done plenty of flying around and feels good about the place she's chosen to rest!

As before, I was thrilled with the richness of the "black" I was able to mix. I started out with a detailed ink drawing, some of which I had to go over after painting. For thicker areas like around the wings I used my "black" paint mixture; you have to look closely to see any difference.

Colors of Nature now has a natural black iron oxide paint and pigment for artists to use. This black iron oxide is a naturally forming mineral mined out of South America. This is not a synthetic black nor is it made from soot or the burning of bones or animal parts.

Work with confidence knowing that your art supplies are 100% vegan and cruelty-free when you purchase your paints, pigments, encaustic pucks, brushes, soaps and papers from Colors of Nature.

Hurray for Vegan Watercolor Paint!

Colors of Nature has met another fascinating vegan artist looking for alternatives to the commercially standard watercolor paints and art supplies.

Asked to review Colors of Nature's paints, Vegan Lovlie, using just a sample card developed and produced a lovely work of art. The end result was a stunning use of paint that showed the brightness and versatility of Colors of Nature's vegan and cruelty-free watercolor paints.

Here is a small snippet of her review. Please visit her site to see variety of topics, jewellery and artistry she has to offer vegans and artists alike. Vegan Lovlie also has a discount code to use on Colors of Nature

"I used cold pressed acid-free watercolour paper to try out the paints. Despite the limited palette and the challenge that this presented, the results were absolutely stunning. In contrast with other watercolour paints I have previously used, this brand does not lighten upon drying which is one common aspect of watercolor. This one pretty much keeps the same tone reducing the need for over layering where colors may tend to turn muddy and opaque. I loved the fresher feel and how the paint reacted with the paper. I used all the colours except the Burnt Sienna and Titanium White. I don't usually use white with watercolour except for corrections, so I did not have any use for the white in this painting."

The image below was the paint Vegan Lovlie created and if you wish to have it as a print or mobile cover please visit Society6

Colors of Nature Watercolor Paints 2014
"Koi", Vegan Lovlie 2014
Vegan Lovlie has also recorded the process by which she made "Koi" showing the ease and quality of Colors of Nature's watercolor paints. Check out her video on YouTube.