Friday, 4 October 2013

Who we are and why it matters to have natural paint

Why choose natural watercolors over conventional paint?
  • real colors that reflect the true colors of nature
  • made completely from natural ingredients
  • animal free, cruelty free, solvent free and petroleum free
  • professional quality performance
  • permanent or excellent lightfastness
  • affordable price and long lasting
  • members of ACMI
  • made in Canada
As visual artists, we breathe, touch and surround ourselves with the media of paint, so using natural paints made with plants and minerals is clearly a healthy choice. Our paints and supplies perform as well as our non-natural counterparts without any compromise in quality or selection.
Our earth-friendly paints meet these criteria:
Colors of Nature uses pigments that are:
  • From natural, raw sources
  • Safe for humans and the environment
  • Processed using minimal chemistry to remove toxic elements.
Colors of Nature’s paints are:
  • Composed of all natural, plant-based ingredients and naturally-occurring mineral pigments
  • Petroleum-free
  • 100% vegan
Colors of Nature products provide artists who are looking towards an environmentally sustainable future with high-quality, prepared paints that they can use with confidence to create beautiful and lasting works of art.