Friday, 4 October 2013

Earth-Friendly Paint?

In what ways is Colors of Nature paints ‘earth-friendly’?
The term ‘earth-friendly’ means that a product meets these criteria:
  • Raw materials were obtained using methods that are not toxic or perpetually damaging to the
  • Raw materials come from plant life or existing earth materials.
  • Raw materials come from recycled or re-purposed consumer products.
  • When chemistry is necessary, methods used are minimal or operate on the principle of reducing harm to the environment.
  • Manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment, either by contributing excessively to landfills or exhausting toxins into water systems or the air.
  • Packaging can be re-used, recycled or re-purposed.
  • Animals and their by-products are not used at any point in the process of manufacturing or of testing the product.
These are general criteria for earth-friendly products. Colors of Nature paints fulfills all of these criteria. Our paints are made from simple plant derivatives and mineral pigments which have had minimal chemistry applied to remove toxins like lead and arsenic or to isolate the substance from its original state. Our packaging and labels use waterless printing imprinted with vegetable dyes. We do not produce any garbage when we manufacture our paints, so nothing from Colors of Nature goes into the landfill, and any small amounts of residual paint that is washed from our machinery is not hazardous to the water supply according to MSDS indicators. Unlike conventional artists’ paints, which are made of petroleum-derived plastics and other synthetics that pollute the environment, our paints are made from natural materials that fully biodegrade or can be filtered out easily when washed down the sink. Our watercolor packaging can be washed out and re-used and our oil paint packaging is recyclable. Our products are 100% vegan.