Friday, 4 October 2013

Earth-Friendly Paint or Conventional Paint?

Why should I use an earth-friendly paint instead of conventional paint? Does it really matter which paint I use?
There are many reasons to switch over to Colors of Nature earth-friendly paint. Our paint is made with ingredients that have minimal impact to the earth, both in its manufacture and disposal. We have very strict standards for our paint formulation. Our watercolor paints have to meet these criteria:
  • real colors that reflect the true colors of nature
  • high ratio of pigment to vehicle, giving rich colors that can be mixed to create unlimited
    numbers of innovative and traditional colors
  • made completely from natural ingredients
  • animal free, cruelty free, solvent free and petroleum free
  • professional quality performance
  • maintains its integrity in the long term when painted on watercolor paper
  • permanent or excellent lightfastness
  • affordable price and long lasting
  • made in Canada
Conventional paints are primarily composed of petroleum-derived ingredients that don’t biodegrade and pollute the earth in ways that our ingredients do not. For instance, plastic-based ingredients don’t biodegrade when released into the water supply whereas our plant ingredients do. Another consideration is the quality of the colors. Colors of Nature pigments are rich and reflect the real colors found in nature, unlike the synthetic colors found in conventional paint. Once you experience the difference in the quality of Colors of Nature, you won’t likely go back to conventional paints!