Friday, 28 March 2014

On March 21, 2014 Colors of Nature received this piece of artwork from a very talented and creative artist by the name of Tamara Philips. She requested a sample card and from it was able to make this painting.

She also had a few comments about the watercolor paints Colors of Nature offers.

Earth Colour Shell
I really enjoyed the lightness of the paints, the organic way in which they would disperse into water, and the ease in which they moved across the page. I also appreciated that I could still get a very dark colour for outlining my subject.
On a side note: The part that I struggled with the most is simply using ultramarine as the blue. There is nothing wrong with the paints, I'm just accustom to using phthalocyanine blues along with earth tones, since once mixed with earth tones, the shades are amazing! I find that ultramarine blue creates grey shades and really washes out the work when mixed with the earth tones. Perhaps it would be a matter of redefining the way I paint. I noticed the paintings in your gallery with really high contrast between the bold ultramarine, and other colours, worked the best (ie when the ultramarine was pure and bold, and not mixed with other colours).
Phthalocyanine isn't necessarily a chemical I want to keep in my practice, as I'm not sure it's the healthiest thing to have around, so I am looking for alternatives. I have also just tried some Maya blue earth pigments which gave some of that blue-green that I love so much, but I have yet to find my favourite "from the earth" blue.
So, do let me know if you have any suggestions for a "greenier" blue that doesn't go grey when mixed with the other earth colours.
Cheers! and thanks for making great paints!
- Tamara -
We encourage you to view Tamara's sites and all the other talented artists that have submitted artwork to Colors of Nature to show your support for vegan and cruelty free art supplies and see that a natural synthetic free artist paint doesn't mean compromising your standards for professional grade paints.