Monday, 2 December 2013

Colors of Nature is Now Zero Carbon Emissions

Colors of Nature, always striving to set new standards for itself, has achieved a new milestone.

Research has shown that consumers like yourself care about the environment and want to support companies that have a strong record of respecting the environment. To that end, Colors of Nature has created an all natural earth-friendly paint that is petroleum and solvent free, it has no animal products in its paint nor was it tested on animals, and it uses recycled and reusable packaging in order to lessen the burden on our waste management systems.  Not stopping there, Colors of Nature has gone one step further but offsetting its carbon emissions.

Colors of Nature, as of December 2013, is now emissions free at its office and manufacturing facilities.

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bullfrog power 100% green electrify and gas

Colors of Nature has entered into an agreement with Bullfrog Power as of December 2013. This agreement means that 100% of both its electricity and natural gas requirements are now met with green electricity and green natural gas from Bullfrog Power. This power is generated from various solar and wind farms around Canada and methane gas is captured from one of Canada’s thousands of landfills.

To learn more about what Bullfrog Power is doing for the environment please visit their website at: