Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Legislation for Art Supplies in Washington, Vermont and Maine

Colors of Nature is happy to hear that the States of Washington, Vermont and Maine have made serious commitments to the environment.

For example, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State made several proposals in their Policy Brief of July 2014 to clean up their waterways.  Here is proposal #2 which all artists should be interested in:
“Get toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Pass legislation to require industries to look for safer, alternative approaches when we identify a toxic chemical in commerce that threatens our health or environment.

Authorize the Department of Ecology to ban the use of certain toxic chemicals when we know that such use is creating unacceptable exposure risk and safer alternatives are available. 
Accelerate “green chemistry” to advance the availability of safer chemicals in manufacturing processes. [Italics added by Colors of Nature]

Direct the Department of Enterprise Services to work with the Department of Ecology to provide recommendations that ensure state purchasing practices require safer products when available.”
To read more of this new initiative please click here.

Colors of Nature has already taken measures, through ‘green chemistry’ to ensure that everything we use is safe!

The State of Vermont is interested in the toxicity of children’s products as one of their environmental concerns. Their legislation states:
§ 1771. POLICY
It is the policy of the State of Vermont:
(1)   to protect public health and the environment by reducing exposure of its citizens and vulnerable populations, such as children, to toxic chemicals, particularly when safer alternatives exist; [Italics added by Colors of Nature]

To read more of this policy please click here.

The State of Maine is also interested in toxic chemicals that children are exposed to.  You will notice that most of the chemicals of concern that are listed are petroleum products or petroleum derived, and include cadmium, cobalt and lead which are found in art supplies including children’s paint.

Colors of Nature doesn’t use any of these chemicals in our products!

To read more of what is on this list and what you can expect to find in conventional art supplies that may be of harm to your children and your environment please click here.

Colors of Nature is ahead of the curve, offering you safe, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan and earth-friendly art supplies without being prompted by legislation.  We just think that it’s the right thing to do for everyone.  Please visit us at to buy your art supplies!