Monday, 8 September 2014

Speckled Sunflower by G. Papadakis

"Speckled Sunflower" is yet another gorgeous piece of work by long time user of Colors of Nature's watercolor paints, G. Papadakis. Demonstrating that a small palette can generate a variety of colors. Choosing a vegan earth-friendly alternative to conventional watercolor paints doesn't mean compromising on quality.

"Speckled Sunflower", G. Papadakis 2014
G. Papadakis says this about her latest painting:

"Speckled Sunflower" is a fairy who's done plenty of flying around and feels good about the place she's chosen to rest!

As before, I was thrilled with the richness of the "black" I was able to mix. I started out with a detailed ink drawing, some of which I had to go over after painting. For thicker areas like around the wings I used my "black" paint mixture; you have to look closely to see any difference.

Colors of Nature now has a natural black iron oxide paint and pigment for artists to use. This black iron oxide is a naturally forming mineral mined out of South America. This is not a synthetic black nor is it made from soot or the burning of bones or animal parts.

Work with confidence knowing that your art supplies are 100% vegan and cruelty-free when you purchase your paints, pigments, encaustic pucks, brushes, soaps and papers from Colors of Nature.